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As the Process nears completion, I will update this section.

This shows the original corrsion on the rocker
panel and front part of the rear quater.

Some of the corrosion removed. This gives you the opportunity to treat hidden corrsion.

This is important. The inner rocker on top is from a vendor. It is not the proper dimensions and cost $90 a set. The rocker on the bottom is one that I made. It is of the proper dimentions and is industrial galvanized and cost $23 a set

This is the front end of the rocker.It was cut at an 71 degree angle.

This is how the rear end of the inner rocker should be cut. It is also at a 71 degree angle.

The Inner rocker installed.

Foward Section of Rear Quarter weled in.I used a stich weld to prevent warpage.
Right inner and outer rocker complete.This vehicle is now rust free-

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